Westland Casting

Gravity Die Casting, Sand Casting, Core Making, Heat Treatment and Machining


The Westland Casting Co Ltd was founded by Mr Alex Cannon in 1962. Operating from home in Slough he soon built up a large enough customer base to justify moving into industrial premises. Westland castings continued to grow and moved to Wellingborough in 1977 with the aid of a grant.

The company continued to trade steadily until 1995 when the shares were purchased by the present owner.

Since 1995 the company has grown steadily from an initial turnover of £350k to a current turnover of £2 million whilst maintaining healthy profits.

The company gained its ISO 9001 accreditation with the BSI in 1999 and later successfully completed the transition to ISO9001:2008

Current situation

The Westland Casting Co Ltd maintains a policy of giving excellent customer service at sensible prices. This has allowed them to continue to expand in a declining market. It is not the companies intention to move into any high volume manufacture and indeed they target low to medium volume users requiring high quality particularly in “niche” areas.

The company has a very wide and varying array of customers. Areas that Westland supply to are:

  • Lab equipment manufacturers
  • Racing/sports car wheels
  • Fighting vehicle manufacturers
  • Heavy diesel engines
  • Heat exchanger manufacturers
  • Prototype parts for automotive / high volume foundries and end users,such as
    • Knuckle joints
    • Steering rack housings
    • Cylinder heads
    • Bell housings
    • Door closer cylinders
    • Manifolds
    • Sump pans full and dry
    • Throttle bodies.
    • Compressor housings
    • Engine brackets
    • Oil filter adaptors
    • Air pipes
    • Flywheel housings

Westland are in excellent financial condition being independently owned and without debt or borrowings.


Westland Castings will continue to invest in the UK foundry industry and provide the excellent and cost effective service that our customers have come to expect from us. The company still sees a strong demand from UK casting consumers requiring a high level of service for the production of technically challenging parts with a rapid turn around.