Westland Casting

Gravity Die Casting, Sand Casting, Core Making, Heat Treatment and Machining

Sand Casting

Westland Castings currently operate 2 PCU controlled sand mixers delivering a combined total of 13 tonnes per hour of chemically bonded sand. Utilising two different sand bonding technologies allows full flexibility of method design.

Sand is recycled through the company’s sealed reclamation system and regular calibration and sieve testing give confidence in on-going sand quality.

Sand castings up to about 65Kg can be produced. Parts with complex multi core arrangements can be accomodated to give nearly any final casting design. Sand casting at Westland is suitable for runs of one off to several thousand per year dependent upon design and weight. As volumes increase it may be more cost effective to manufacture from gravity die methods.

Prototype casting volumes and service are offered leading up to higher volume manufacture either at Westland casting or other high volume foundries and we can provide design input at the pre prototype stage as required to bring new product to fruition.